New Sarcoidosis Information Site (provided by FSR)


This is a great site and also it provides templates for Sarcoidosis pamphlets that we can use at our awareness events this month. Also, here is a reminder for my upcoming event. Remember to R.S.V.P. to Also, T-shirts will be available to purchase on that day. Thank you all and have a blessed…

Feeling Miserable Today…HELP!

I don't know what is going on. My fingers and toes are cold, tingly and numb. It's driving me crazy. I am constantly dropping things. Besides that, my muscle and joint pain is excruciating. Especially in my hips and knees. Today I have resigned to laying on the couch because it hurts to move. I…

Upcoming Event for Sarcoidosis Awareness Month

I am a wife and mother of three who has been battling several debilitating diseases for the last 13 years. Unable to work, my family has stepped up to help run our home and keep it functional. Unfortunately for me, my children have lost their childhood due to the caring for me and the upkeep of our home. My husband had to give up his love of being a touring musician to having to find a 9-5 to help keep a roof over our heads and medical insurance for my overwhelming medical needs. I'm not trying to make everyone feel sad for me, but if there was something that I could do in my lifetime, it is to show how blessed I am with the family that God has given me. I honor my family all the time. ^_^