[images] Rain check. (Including Rain from Shadow Star Alliance’s POV.)

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Rain in CHIC! 小资风尚 Elegance Magazine’s write-up about the 2014 CHIC! Awards, on their Weibo.



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[Eng trans][내그녀] After My Lovely Girl: Cha Ye Ryun’s observations about Rain on set.

Thanks for sharing CloudUSA 😍

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Thanks, Sonya, for sharing some of what Cha Ye Ryun (“Hae Yoon”) said about Rain in these Nate and Naver news articles HERE, and HERE. Thumbs up! 🙂

 Korean → English translation by Sonya @Cloud USA. Sonya’s asides are in brackets. Tweaks by Stephe.

“I was nervous during the first shoot, maybe because I was acting [having to keep in step] with younger co-workers [young actors and actresses] and I had aspirations for my role…

However, I don’t know how Ji-Hoon oppa managed to do such a great job. I have worked with many (male) actors but I have never seen someone like Ji-hoon oppa, who never showed his dissatisfaction [any displeasure in his look or in his manner] on the set. Ha ha

I learned so much from Ji-hoon oppa.

I was surprised that he…

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[FYI] Rain to give private performance at the Asian Couture Federation Awards Gala 2014.

I wish I could see his performance 😞

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The fashion world is hopping in excitement right now because 1) the ACF Awards Gala 2014 will be commencing in a few days, on 11/25, at the Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore, and 2) Rain will be there for a special performance. Frank Cintamani, president of the ACF and chairman of FIDé Fashion Weeks, is blasting the news as far and as wide as he can from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We don’t blame him.

I can tell you I’m digging that poster. Nice. 🙂 ^@@^

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