MBLAQ check: Wow! Let’s look at that “Again”!

MBLAQ check: Wow! Let's look at that "Again"!. I loved this performance *-*

[clip/Eng trans] Making BLAQ Style: Don’t get it twisted… Rain and MBLAQ are still tight.

[clip/Eng trans] Making BLAQ Style: Don't get it twisted... Rain and MBLAQ are still tight..

MBLAQ check: The Boys to make their official debut in Japan in May. (via Cloud USA)

my babies are doing it!!! That would be May 4, 2011, to be exact. Yessir, just as Rain hyung has an official Japanese site (J.Tune Camp Rain Japan) as well as his official Korean site, his Boys now have their own official Japanese site in addition to their official Korean site. And their debut in…