Rethinking the Traditional Pain Scale

I agree with you. Pain is pain for me and when I come to you for help, please don’t upset me more by trying to categorize what I am feeling.

The Professional Patient

Rethinking the Traditional Pain Scale

I have mixed feelings about some of the proposed methods for communicating about pain, but I’m glad the traditional pain scale is being rethought. I would prefer a scale with one or two sentences per pain level, to make sure patient and doctor are speaking the same language. See my earlier post on that topic.

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Feeling melancholy…

Lately I have been missing my sisters a lot. Crying uncontrollably until I have to use my inhaler to breathe.  My daughter's try to calm me down, but they know that their aunties meant a lot to me. Missing my ability to pick up the phone to call my sister's Leah, Zipporah and Dinah so…

Pictures of my battle with Sarcoidosis of my Eyes and Sinus

These photos were taken before and after the completion of surgeries on my sinus and both eyes. You can see the large granuloma masses above each eyes and there was also a large mass below the right eye. The operation was done while I was sedated but alert. My Ophthalmologist and I laughed and talked…