Fawkesy Lady Code Word INCOMING, and an update!

This looks very interesting… She knows I’m going to read it…To addicted to her books. LOL

Delilah Fawkes: Best-Selling Author of Erotica, Romance, and Horror

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I wanted to have Bound by the Viking, Part Three out this week, but by now, you guys know how I am. Writers all live on Island Time or something, so when I hope to do something one day, give or take a week. 

We writers are all riddled with ADHD, although we try our best. It’s part of our allure! 😀

Anywho, I do have a fabulous new tale for you in the meantime, which I absolutely love, and think you’ll adore:

Branded by the Rancher’s Ghost is available now in the following stores:


Barnes and Noble



The Description:

Kat knows she’s running when she buys the…

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The Fanatic Friday Winner is….

The Fanatic Friday Winner is..... Thank you so much! ^+^ I will spend it very wisely. ❤ Marilyn a.k.a. RainCloudMom