[article] Rain working on his album in Korea now, will return later this month to the U.S. for movie filming.

Rain BiAhhh Heaven, our Angel is in the studio working on his LP. Drooling to commence in 5, 4, 3, 2, : p! LOL

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Star News 12/7/2013 —

Rain has been very busy working on his film and on the post-production stage of his music since he returned to Korea

Singer and actor Rain (his real name, Jung Ji-hoon) has been very busy. Even ahead of his new album’s official release next January, Rain has been spending busy days, traveling back and forth between Korea and the USA for filming his hollywood movie.

According to his agency Cube DC on the 7th, Rain who went to the USA for filming his movie ‘The Prince’ last 30th, arrived in Incheon International Airport on Korean Air Boeing KE34 at around 6:00am on December 6th.

Recently Rain had been shooting ‘The Prince’, staying in LA, Atlanta, etc. Brian A Miller’s action thriller ‘The Prince’ is Rain’s first new hollywood film since he starred in Ninja Assassin in 2009. He gets set to team with Bruce…

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