What am I feeling right now?
My mind in focused on positivity.
My spirit is moving towards positivity.
My heart is racing towards positivity.
But where am I?
Trying to stay in that mindspace where I am to stay focused and not let my mind wonder into that dark space… Thinking those dark thoughts. I cannot…Will not go there. HELP

Letting the Cancer overwhelm me. I have to win this battle. I have to overcome this journey towards health and healing. Always thinking; NO MORE CANCER IN MY BODY. Always thinking; MY TUMORS ARE SHRINKING. MY TUMORS ARE DISAPATING. MY TUMORS ARE NO MORE.
This journey is definitely hard. My support system are Bosses. They are healing in their own way for me. The burden is heavy.
My thoughts are heavy.
My daily mantra.

What am I feeling right now?
Most High, please be my protector.
Most High, please be my shield.
Most High, please be my doctor.
Mist High, please be my Warrior.
Surround me. Protect me. Heal me. Love me.
Most High, please just be…
Please remove this cancer from me.

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