Friday, November 5, 2021

Woke up today with the intent to make it to my doctor’s appointments today, but ended up in the ER with severe pain in my right leg. Leaving me unable to walk or put pressure on that leg.

As soon as I hit the ER, temperature check: I have a fever. Go figures… So they wheel me into a room right away and start to hook me up to various machines right away. Blood pressure, check; I V, check; O2, check. Now we start with the various tests: EKG, MRI, Ultrasound of the leg to check for blood clots, X-rays of chest and pelvic area, etc.. The result is a weekend stay at the hospital.

Today, Tuesday, November 9, 2021.

Getting ready to be wheeled down to surgery. Diagnosis: cancer has spread and developed a compression fracture in my lumbar spine with showings of cancer in spine and spinal chord. Not getting down about it. Just another hurdle. Neurosurgeon going in to place a metal rod Cancer, screws and bone cement to repair fracture as well as send samples of tumor to pathology.

My biggest worries ahead is about leaving this world too soon. It seems as if the Devil is busy, but I know that The Most High Elohim is in charge of this vessel and is fighting for me, with me and using the medical team as his guides to repair and fix my health. I have all faith and trust in him.

The delays in my treatment hindered the path to my healing but my Abba Yahuah is in charge. I am not ready to leave my husband and family. Most importantly is the fact that my little grandchild is on my mind.

Cancer is in one hell of a fight with messing with this Child of The Most High. My life is undergoing a renewal. It’s all making my fight for life real. But I’m strong and I am a Warrior. So to myself, my support team and my system; we got this. 💯 percent.

Asking all my prayer Warrior’s to please keep myself and my family in your prayers. We definitely need them. All praises to The Most High Elohim 🙏🏽 🙌🏽 🕎 AMEN

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