AS I wrote in my last post, asking for help is a very humbling thing to do. It’s very very hard. When I found out that we were about to lose our home due to loss of finances, my heart broke 💔. I know my husband has been working his behind off, but it seems that it is just not enough to catch up for what we loss due to the pandemic. He works two full times jobs just to make ends meet. The entertainment industry was crippled during lock down and it’s just opening back up with restrictions. Most artists and performers were able to obtain government help for there loss, but for reasons unbeknownst to us, my hubby kept being rejected. Our taxes proves that he works as an Independent Contractor in the music industry as well as an employee of a company. Why is it so hard for us?

My husband Karl took the time, and believe me as a man this was hard for him to put himself out there like this, but he created a GoFundMe to help to try to save our home and pay for my rising medical expenses. I am including it in my blog, because as I sat today receiving another chemotherapy treatment, I looked over at my hubby and noticed the strain in his face and it crushed me. I just closed my eyes to keep from crying in his face. Yes, this is a rough road for us, but we desperately need help. If you will please just watch the video attached and if you can, please donate. Peace and blessings to you always, Marilyn ( Chronic Sarcoidosis and Breast Cancer Warrior)

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