Sitting in my chair, as I always do, when this thought came to mind. One of my best friends, and fellow Sister Warrior, spoke to me about the trials and tribulations that she is facing with her family in not taking her illness seriously.

One of the worst ways to trigger our flares is, STRESS. And as I have said this before, I must say this again. Sarcoidosis is a very debilitating and painful disease. Our trips to doctor’s offices are very scary. We have to face humiliation, anguish and at most, total disregard for what we are dealing with. I’ve personally seen a doctor distribute pain medication to a persons with a pinch nerve and offer me a Tylenol. Myself, who deals with Chronic Sarcoidosis pain on a daily on top of the other debilitating Illnesses fight each day to be heard. The emergency rooms are a joke to us. We are autoimmune compromised and even with this information, we get placed in a room full of sick people. So the least we should expect is for our family’s to exhibit empathy and compassion for our journey.

2 thoughts on ““NOT Fake News”

  1. Thank you sister for being there, at least someone is listening. Because I feel like no one listens to me as family wise but I know you I got me big sis. You write so well and put the right words and place I could never do that. But yes I try to keep my stress down but I can’t do it when they don’t listen to me I said I’m out then they get mad but I’m happy. I found this page and I’m going to keep this page now I love you💜

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