Just getting out of bed and showering in the morning comes with many “stop breaks.” After that you have to sit just to rest up just to put you clothes on, then repeat if you have to do your hair and makeup. Muscle aches/spasms and joint pain are just a few hurdles to overcome to get through your day. Then you have your breathing, strength, vision and skin sensitivity. The clothes touching our skin can be tortuous, but we have to wear clothes, right? We want to always hug our family and friends, ( and sometimes we do it anyway; but it really hurts. 😥 We love being out in the sun, but it’s also very painful on our skin. 😎 For me, standing and sitting for long periods of time is a no go. I also suffer from mobility issues. Right now, I cannot enjoy my family’s company downstairs because the furniture is so uncomfortable for me. So I stay in my bedroom rotating betweenmy bed and my chair. I am not able to enjoy outdoor living because of direct sunlight on my patio. Because of the other debilitating disease’s I battle besides Fibromyalgia, I basically live in a bubble. Not to make you feel sorry for me or anything, I know and feel blessed to be alive to see each day. This post is for informational purposes only. Just a look into my life living with Chronic incurable illnesses.

Warrior’s work and live through their pain daily and most people would not know unless you knew their plight. So take the time to research for empathy and understanding. A little knowledge goes a long way. Please feel free to read others journeys with Invisible Illnesses and donate to help find the cures.

Here’s the link to donate for Sarcoidosis Research and Support: http://stopsarcoidosis.org/donate

Here is the link for the Fibromyalgia Research and Support: http://www.asfafund.org

Here is the link for Arthritis Research and Support: https://www.arthritis.org/

Til next time Warrior’s, Peace and blessings to you always and forevermore. 💜❄💜❄💜❄

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