In this day and age of the have nots vs. the haves where do you stand?

Living paycheck to paycheck or as I do, SSI check to SSI check, can be stressful in itself. No matter how much each Stimulus or Relief Package divy out; it’s just not enough to get ahead of all of your needs. Notice that I stated “needs,” NOT wants.

There are those, like myself, who budget and plan and then an unexpected expense happens and sets you off of your game. This happens a lot in my household. Why? We haven’t figured that out yet, but it does. One thing is for sure, we do not like asking for help because there is always judgment at the other end. Judgment and suggestions for us to give up our dream of wanting to live debt free and happy. I watched my parents go through this also.

With my Chronic Disability and Illnesses, we tend to suffer from the “curve ball effect” all the time. Which is why, the audacity of others to suggest that we give up is not an option. I do not know how much time I have left, but what I do want is to finally be able to just DO. Be free to do anything that I want without having to worry about if I will be able to afford my medication for the month.

Everyone has trials and tribulations that they must go through, but the right to eat healthy and live healthy should not be at the cost of losing your livelihood.

Peace and blessings to you always and forevermore 💜🙏❄,

Marilyn ❄💜❄💜❄💜

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