We are Sarcoidosis Warriors fighting for a cure of this debilitating disease called Sarcoidosis. We are advocates trying to bring awareness about Sarcoidosis with hope that both the medical community as well as friends and family members will gain a better understanding of our daily battles with Sarcoidosis. These Warrior’s must fight to gain a better and broader understanding of how to treat this disease medically, and have compassion and empathy for our struggle. We must continue to organize and fight against this disease that has negatively affected it’s sufferers physically, emotionally, and financially in this world. We are all different yet the same individually. ❄

Bringing awareness to people who have never heard of Sarcoidosis. Bringing awareness to the medical community as to how each individual may have Sarcoidosis, but it affects them differently in many ways. No two are alike, just like Snowflakes.

Not many know that there are many forms of Sarcoidosis. Like many physicians, they automatically assume that it only affects the lungs. Not so. Sarcoidosis attacks all of the tissues and organs of the body.

Although I was originally diagnosed with Sarcoidosis of the lungs, it later spread throughout my body. It is believed, as my mother stated before her passing, that I had Sarcoidosis when I was a child. I remember having a seizure when I was ten and the doctor’s were baffled as to what was wrong with me. I ran a high fever thereafter in the hospital. I remember the ice bath that night. It was crazy! I stayed in the hospital for a week with them trying to figure out why I had a seizure. It was then that my mother, who was diagnosed with Neurosarcoidosis a few years prior, stated to them that I be tested for Sarcoidosis. They laughed at her and said that it was no way that I could have it. Well, who’s laughing now?! MY MOM KNEW. THAT’S WHO!

Around the age of 14 I started developing patches of bumps of my arms and back. I was also diagnosed with Scoliosis in which I was referred to Shriner’s Hospital in Philadelphia, PA, and placed in a brace to try to straightened my S-Curve. I guess it worked because I went on to be an athlete and a cheerleader in high school and college with no worries. I still suffer from Scoliosis, but not to bad. I always had aches and pains, but I didn’t want my parents to worry so I’d kept it to myself.

Now, diagnosed with Chronic Sarcoidosis, I fight not only for myself, but also my fellow Sarcoidosis Warrior’s to help bring awareness about this very debilitating and sometimes deadly disease. We need everyone’s help in raising funds to find a cure. It’s because we want to live. We want the ability to see our children and their children grow. We want to live each day with our spouse’s and partner’s and enjoy the laughter and love that we promised to each other. Want we don’t want is to deprive them of existing, since most of their time is of being our caretakers. So if you have a few dollars to spare, please feef free to visit http://stopsarcoidosis.org and hit the donate button.

Peace and blessings to you all, always and forevermore. 💜❄💜❄💜❄🙏

Marilyn’s Fight for Life KICK Sarcoidosis Campaign

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