For those who think that it is warranted for Warrior’s to “fake the funk” so that WE don’t offend others with our symptoms. For those who think that we should smile and hide our pains. For those who say they love us and care about what we are going through. For those who say,, “you need to read the book of JOB.” What makes you think that we haven’t read it? Well, It’s a testimonent to my story. Well truthfully, I just don’t give a whole Damn about how I make you feel uncomfortable! I have always said that The Most High Elohim would never give me more than I could bear. All of my praise goes to HIM for keeping me. I KNOW FROM WHICH MY HELP COMES FROM. I have never doubted him, nor do I Fear anything but My Abba Yah. I have smiled through my pain for 21 years so as not to make my family worry so much. So many times I have went into the bathroom just to get a good cry in. But now I don’t have the energy. The problem that people, physician’s, government et al have is that they do not take us seriously. This is because there is too much FAKE SMILING. STOP!!! WE NEED A CURE! WE ARE FIGHTING TO LIVE EACH DAY!Β  So, when you say that you love me or that you care about me; then do the research and find out the toll this dis-ease has done/is doing to we Warrior’s of Sarcoidosis. Really look into how hard it is for us everyday to just live. Really look at our daily battle with the medical community to treat each patient individually and unique and not just a text book diagnosis. Because we are not. Sarcoidosis is like Snowflakes ❄. No two are the same. We have to fight just to gain the pain medication desperately needed, so that we can try maintain a quality of life. So before you speak, show some compassion and empathy for our journey. Also, please do not overlook the family of the persons battling this debilitating Illnesses because they are going through the struggle as well.

Peace and blessings to you always and forevermore,

Marilyn McNeill

Marilyn’s Fight for Life KICK Sarcoidosis Campaign πŸ’œβ„πŸ’œβ„πŸ’œβ„

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