My sentiments exactly. So many of us living with this disease known as Sarcoidosis, get frustrated when others don’t get our pain. Don’t understand what we go through on a daily basis. Hell, some don’t even care to understand. But yet we live in a body that is fighting our very existence to the core. Searching for cure to combat this debilitating and sometimes deadly incurable disease with very few listening is disheartening. Please Read this post written by my Warrior Sister Lisa Curry. Peace and blessings to you always reader’s.

Sarcoidosis Soldier


I have figured out what superpower I would want if I could have one and it’s not to be able to fly, or to be invisible or, to read minds. My superpower would not be to see through walls or to have crazy strength. I would not need a special car named after me or a cape and boots or a truth lasso. The superpower I want is unique and anyone who suffers with an otherwise invisible chronic, yet life altering illness, would probably agree. I want the power to force people who doubt how I feel or question me with skepticism to live inside my skin. A little time inside this body would prove to the naysayers that life with a chronic condition like sarcoidosis is no joke. Those who doubt us would then be obligated to admit that we are actually the stronger ones, that what we experience is real…

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