Here I go adding on another dilemma to add onto my many, many other quandaries. I am facing an upcoming neck surgery which will leave me immobile for a little while and I need to get this weight off that I’ve been carrying for way too long.

You see, when dealing with severe chronic pain in your everyday living, for me it is very hard to do a normal workout that those without may achieve. Being disabled on top of it all provides me with limitations that I cannot ignore. I am tired of the label, “morbidly obese.” I rely on taking a lot of meds that cause weight gain and fluid retention and I want  this weight. I also, because of Sarcoidosis, require 24 hour oxygen support to breathe. This is something that will be with me for the rest of my life, but I am positive that my mother flow will decrease if I could just get some of the weight off. I’ve tried every diet pill and natural supplement that you can think off, costing me monies that I don’t have on my fixed income to lose this unwanted fat. I eat a low to no heart healthy carb diet prepared for me by family members, but I am very limited to movement to work it off. Walking is painful and due to damage in my spine because of the years of having to take steroids for Sarcoidosis, often causes my extremities to go completely numb and I lose function of them. In other words, my legs go completely from under me and I require a walker or assistance getting around all the time. I am only 51 yrs. young for crying out loud! The surgery I am receiving is risky but I have to do it to alleviate the pain and other symptoms that I am experiencing.

So here I am facing yet another dilemma to add-on the surmounting others and with no solution known to me in sight. My life officially SUCKS!

Venting complete

Peace and blessings to you always,


Path to all you beauty, body and weight loss products.


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