Bernie Mac "Can I Get An Amen?"
Bernie Mac “Can I Get An Amen?”

Today is truly beautiful. The sun is shining on all of the new growth of this season. I thank God for allowing to wake up and witness his wonders. For allowing me to start this morning anew, God is good. For allowing me to be here another day with my family, God is good. For all of the blessings he has gifted me with and for those that I have yet to receive; God is good.

Warriors we must embrace days like today where we can see how God can take something that was barren and bring life anew. We must have faith that one day a cure will be found and we can take back the life that we have lost. We must hope that through all of our outreach to spread awareness about this debilitating disease, that someone will truly hear us and take it to heart. We must pray for all of the doctors that we entrust our care to, will treat us with empathy, sincerity and a williness to find answers to our pain. And finally, we must always find the time to support,each other, because no one truly understands our plight unless they themselves are going through it.

I leave you with these thoughts for today. May all of you continue to pray for me as I do you. And,get out and enjoy the day somehow. 😊

Peace & Blessings,


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