Hi again, As I explained in my previous post that things have been very stressful in the McNeill home. Faced with shut-off notices and the possibility of foreclosure on my home all due to my overwhelming medical expenses. Well God has been good. We have set up a monthly payment plan for our electric so the impending shut-off has been delayed. That is a big load off of my spirit because all of my life saving medical devices run on electric. You probably can imagine what I have been feeling these last few days. Now hopefully the blessings will continue to flow. I have updated the needed amount to include an energy efficient oxygen concentrator and a lighter portable unit. These are very much needed to cut our energy costs and will make me feel less of a burden towards my family. Now as to my health, I have to get an infusion due to my chronic anemia. My hematologist stated that my red blood cells are abnormal and the infusion is eminent. Blood pressure is still running high. I figure due to the stress that I have been under and the chronic pain, my BP is going to continue to run high. All I ask is that everyone please keep me in your prayers as I will continue to pray for you. Marilyn

P.S.: Tanya Murphy, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I am so sorry for the loss of you father. Please accept my sincere condolences from my family to yours. I love you so much Cuz. 🙏



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