Happy New Year 2016
Happy New Year 2016

Yes I am happy to be alive as we start 2016, but no I am scared. Why, because everything is closing in on me and my family. Shut off notices threatning the very machines that I need to sustain my life. Notices that may place me and my family on the streets. Procedures that if I don’t have can cause my death. This is what I am facing because of this invisible illness known as Sarcoidosis. So what I truly pray for during this beginning of 2016 is a cure and a financial miracle. This disease affects the entire family. My SSI barely covers my medical expenses so the weight of it falls on my husband. He’s gonna kill me for posting this because he is a very private person, but the truth is the truth. Not sugar coated. So if you don’t hear from me for a while please know that this is what we are facing. Now here is the hard part, if you can please help and donate to my campaign. http://gofundme.com/marilynsfight4life Every bit helps. Continue to pray for me as I will continue to pray for you.

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