Many people find it easy to tell others, “I love you.” But do they really mean it? Do they truly know the meaning of love? The dictionary provides the definition of love as both a noun and a verb. As a noun it is described as “an intense feeling of deep affection.” As a verb it is described as, “feeling a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone or something.”

Warriors feel a sense of loneliness that is hard to describe. The feeling of no one understanding you. The feeling of loss of self and independence. Many of us lose our partners and friends because of lack of understanding, lack of communication and lack of self esteem. Now everyone knows that how you feel on a day to day basis can nwver be determined because of our chronic illness. Some days we cannot even get our of bed. That weighs heavily on our relationships with our partners and our family. Without understanding we seem to be or come off as being lazy. The people we expect to understand the most is those closest to us. When that isn’t there, the loneliness sets in and sometimes depression.

Okay, now what we need is more compassion, more understanding and an overwhelming amount of support. This is the love that we need. You have heard the saying, “action speaks louder than words,” well that is the answer. I sometimes get frustrated when I feel like I am doing everything to make everyone happy or comfortable around me. I have sat and waited for everyone to reciprocate my efforts. Wrong action. My happiness begins and ends with me. If I need loving, well I have to love myself. Hahaha! Got it?! Take the time to draw up that hot bath, light some candles and put on your favorite music. Relax, Relate, Release! (Got that from my favorite show Different World). So in closing I want to say, use the action definition of the word “love”. Love yourself first before you set out to love others. It will make your road to better health, better inner peace and better healing. You will find that you will experience more stress free living, which will lead to better relationship skills.

Peace and blessings everyone 💜

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