My son and my daughter started a Go Fund Me to help me with my medical expenses. I thank them for that. One thing that people need to know is that insurance companies do not pay for everything. My SSI insurance have refused to cover 90% of my meds. Why? I don’t know. My husband’s insurance picked them up but with a much higher copay. But still, having had to fight through the denials caused me to suffer health wise because of the lack if meds during the time of the denials, letters of explanation from my doctors, denials and appeals. People like me who are chronic pain sufferers deal with this nonsense all the time. First dealing with some of our doctors not believing we are in as much pain as we are in. Also, because insurance companies do not cover most holistic care, i.e. Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Massage and some Chiropractic. Well with Chiropractic, insurance companies only pay for 12 visits. Not enough. What is important is that there is a lot of information to learn through Sarcoidosis research and educating the masses about Sarcoidosis is the key. Now we see that we must include the insurance companies as well since they are denying our medicines and our treatments.  Please help me to spread Sarcoidosis awareness.

For more information about Sarcoidosis or to donate towards Sarcoidosis research, please visit: FB_20150520_17_51_13_Saved_Picture

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