Hello everyone,
My last post explained how I have been feeling these last few weeks.
I’ve been to see my Rheumatologist and she confirmed that my blood work shows that my flare-ups with both my Sarcoidosis and RA are consistent with my symptoms. So she increased my dosage of Leflunomide to 20mg a day and suggested that when I see my Pulmonologist he do the same with my dosage of Prednisone. I’m already taking 15mg a day. I really don’t want the increase to happen, so I asked around to get suggestions on how to alleviate this pain more holistically and I have taken their suggestions to heart. So now I take Tumeric tabs 3 times a day and I drink apple cinnamon water all day. It’s great!😊 You need 1 apple, 1 cinnamon stick, ice, water and a 2 quart pitcher. Cut up the apple and add it to the pitcher with ice cubes, cinnamon stick and water. That’s it! 😃 It’s great, tasty and nutritious. It boosts your metabolism, provides you with vitamins and nutrients while eliminating your sugar intake.
It’s also suppose to help with the joint pain, but we will see how that goes.

Okay, my hands are throbbing so I’m going to cut this short. Take care everyone and
I’ll keep you in my prayers.

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