Day 2 in the ER. First by car, then by ambulance. Last vital; BP 157/109, HR 89. Pain in my chest with an annoying cough, lower left abdominal pain and bilateral ear aches. Lung sounds clear. EKG normal. CT Scan performed, labs and urinalysis performed and chest x-ray. Why is it taking so long to find out what’s wrong. Watching my husband become more and more irritated with the unknown and loving him even more for loving and standing by me. Looking to my left and my hubby and daughter are asleep. 😦 Hate being a burden to them but loving life too much with them.

Test back, going home. Caught a bug but have to follow up with physician tomorrow. Released with meds and instructions to get even more testing and procedures done, but thrilled to have one part of the puzzle answered.

One thought on “Life in the ER…puzzles need solving

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