Cloud USA

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

(Teaser source credit: SBSNOW @YT.)

English translation and voice-over minute markers by: Sonya @CloudUSA

00:00[Rain voice-over] There are two things that I have decided not to do. (There are two things that I have made up my mind not to do) Music and love.

00:04[Krystal voice-over] Are you still unable to forget the woman?

00:09[Krystal voice-over] There are families, couples and so many people here. But, only I am alone.

00:18[Rain voice-over] The name is Yoon Se-Na. She is Yoon So-Eun’s sister. That’s all I know. (As far as I’m concerned, that’s about it.)

00:26[Rain voice-over] It’s been a long time. (Long time no see.)

» WATCH: Teasers 1 and 2 in our previous post HERE.

Teaser captions (in order of appearance) translated to English by:Stephe @CloudUSA


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