Mr Dark and Mysterious offers his hand to help me up. He’s quite gallant in fact. His wrist is olive and strong and his fingers long and masculine. His watch is of an obscurely expensive Swiss make I’ve never heard, worn elegantly relaxed, low on his wrist. The wrist has the dark suit – the white cuff – then the deep-tanned skin of a long-fingered, sinuous, male hand. I feel his power as he pulls me up. I can feel somehow that this hand is strong, yet it’s sensitive enough to hold mine with just the right pressure. It was a kind thing he did there, yet there’s a scintilla of danger in his wealth and self-confidence…”

When waitress and would-be actress, Jana Kidd, bumps into the sexiest man she’s ever laid eyes on, she’s tries to put the vision from her mind. The stranger in the dark suit is rich, powerful and just about the hottest guy in New York to boot. He’s out of her league.

But when the dark, mysterious Johnthen Trent crosses her path again, and again, he compels Jana to take notice – whether she wants to or not. Their passionate affair threatens to run away with Jana, and threatens to ruin her big chance to break into TV acting.

There’s no turn-on quite like power and money, but Johnthen has the looks, the body and is an expert lover too. The thing is: can she trust the mysterious stranger?

Questions and dilemmas begin to overwhelm Jana. Why is Johnthen so private and unpredictable? Who is his “assistant”, Carmen, who never leaves his side? Where did those mysterious scars on his body come from?

Above all, what is his connection with the sexy cult-rock singer from years before?

Follow Jana’s steamy, rollercoaster relationship with Johnthen Trent, as she struggles to understand the real man beneath the ultra-cool, attractive exterior, while fighting to get her first break as a TV actress.

“…He coolly places his drink on the bar, and leans over to me. Am I dazzled by his looks? Before I can think, his lips are on mine and his fingers are in my hair, on the back of my head. His mouth is cool, tasting exquisitely of the gin and lime and his lips are sweet and sensual. Tension and emotion are popping and conflicting all over my body, but his cool tongue is making me melt…”

My review: Johnthen Trent is a sexy, sexy musician/wealthy businessman. If you had to envision a dreamy tall, dark and handsome man; Trent would be the man. Everytime Miranda described him in various scenes, my hands would start sweating and I would get all warm an tingling inside. I could not put the book down. I literally read each book back to back which was awesome because each book picked up where the others left off. The flow was very good. Johnthen and Jana’s relationship was so real. I absolutely recommend this series to everyone, as long as they are over 18+.

If you have not read this three part series you have missed a seriously great read. Having this book in my library for a while and skipped by it over and ovr again. What was I thinking? This is a great book to follow up if you like the 50 Shades of Grey series.

Happy reading!

awesome series
awesome series


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