From the streets of New Orleans and the heat of Midnight Ink, comes the happy ever after for a character whose story begged to be told.

Carrie Ann Ryan - Ink Reunited
Carrie Ann Ryan – Ink Reunited

Ink Reunited Montgomery Ink 0.6

Midnight Ink Contains Ink Inspired Montgomery Ink 0.5

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Ink Reunited

Readers begged for Sassy…now here she is…scars and all.

When we first started writing Midnight Ink, we’d decided to write a story with 8 books written by 8 authors set in the same tattoo shop in New Orleans. We decided that we all should have one character who showed up in each book. She wouldn’t be too prominent, but she would be there.

Okay, so Sassy could never stand in the sidelines. Oops? We hadn’t planned on writing her sotry, but then we started to mix our characters even more. Shep, my hero from Ink Inspired ended up in 4 other novellas. So when readers got to the last book and realized Sassy hadn’t gotten her happy ending, they begged for her story. I loved Sassy. I even came up with her at first–hence why I was the one who wrote Ink Reunited. I knew some of her back story, though I didn’t tell the others so we wouldn’t put too much into our stories.

We hadn’t expected the response to Midnight Ink and Sassy like we got. OMG you readers are freaking amazing. SO. AMAZING. So this one is for you. Enjoy Sassy, Rafe, and Ian. Yes, she gets two men. Like one would be enough to handle her? Ha!

This book is set in Midnight Ink and you will see some familiar faces. But not too many…this is Sassy’s story after all. It’s also another prequel to my Montgomery Ink series. So yes, you get to see Austin one more time before his book in October. 🙂 Happy Reading!

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Montgomery Ink Book 0.6

From the streets of New Orleans and the heat of Midnight Ink, comes the happy ever after for a character whose story was begged to be told.

Sassy Bordeaux is the Midnight Ink receptionist, honorary godmother, best friend to many, and matchmaker expert. In the past two months, she’s watched eight couples fall in love, make mistakes, and find their happy endings. Though she might have had hand in each of those, she’s yet to find the peace she’s desired. When the men from her past come into Midnight Ink, she’s forced to face what she left behind and what could happen if she lets go of her pain and finds a future she deserves.

Rafe Chavez and Ian Steele remember their time with Sassy like it was yesterday, yet have worked hard to move on. Or at least try to. Now they’re both back in New Orleans for the woman they loved and for the connection they shared with each other. It will take more than the usual groveling, pleading and begging for these three to overcome their history, but once they take that step, the streets of New Orleans will never be the same.

Copyright © 2014 Carrie Ann Ryan, All rights reserved.

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