As I sit in my chair, on hold, waiting for the insurance company and the pharmacy to decide if they will finally fill a prescription that was written last Friday; I wonder just how long will I have to go through this crap!

Last Friday the test results were given to my by my new Rheumatologist. Confirmed, the Sarcoidosis in now affecting my liver, bones and the lining of my joints. All of the complaining to physicians that something was not right and that the pain could not just be the result of Fibromyalgia was answered. Being told, “oh, you are just to overweight and need to exercise,” or “let me sign you up for another round of PT and that will fix it,” or finally, “I will increase you pain meds and that will give you some relief.”

Talking about sick and tired of being sick and tired of it all. Battling this debilitating disease is enough, but not getting answers is a major problem.  When you have physician’s who think that it’s all in your head or just try to give you a quick fix instead of fixing the problem itself, they are not really looking out for your best interest. Does that make sense?

So now I have been diagnosed and the physician prescribed a medication that will attack the problem, but my insurance company and pharmacy are arguing over who haven’t submitted the correct paperwork.  Another thing that was told to me was that the drug is not covered by my insurance company.  What to do?

English: Signs and symptoms of sarcoidosis
English: Signs and symptoms of sarcoidosis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2 thoughts on “Still waiting…Another Sarcoidosis Vent

  1. I feel the pain of waiting for answers AND for medication, compounded by being sick and therefore lacking the energy and will to keep fighting with doctors and insurance and pharmacies. Good luck, and if you discover any tricks for making this process easier or faster, I’d love to hear them.

    The Professional Patient


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