It’s a good way to see how our Prince lives…

Cloud USA

Rain arrives at his house, says hello to little General (Janggoonie) and his other dog, a giant poodle. After shooing Jangoonie out (probably to do his “business”), Rain tells the poodle to sit for a treat (앉아! / an-ja!) and when that doesn’t work, sits on the dog and shows how it’s done. And gives it a treat. LOL! ^@@^

He changes clothes behind a door (the only way to avoid the cameras in the house) and has lunch with his personal assistant. After that, it’s on to the airport to leave for Japan (time to ZEPP!), and on the way he stops and gets his hair “did.”

When he arrives at the new Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk hotel in Japan, the first thing he does is LEAP on to the bed a la JiWoo in The Fugitive: Plan B, LOL! Then he takes a gander…

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