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Cloud cover and compilation by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Yes, it’s true. Rain will show one of his residences (the one he bought after six years of hard work, that many of you saw 3D-rendered by an artist in Korea in January 2008) for the very first time on his new show tomorrow night. He has always lived quite frugally, as his JYPE digs during his 2002 debut and his first very modest apartment with his family (2004) will attest, and so his first house back then was a pretty big deal and well deserved. ^@@^

(2004, Rain’s apartment with dad and sister Images source:



(2008, 3D-rendered Images source: Benamoo / Rain Baidu)




(2013, the real house on “Rain Effect” Caps source: RainBiLove2)




MWave / enewsWorld 12/18/2013 — by Jung Ji Won / Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Rain to show his house on “Rain Effect”

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