Jim Dubel demonstrating adjustment protocals
Jim Dubel demonstrating adjustment protocals (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
@chiropractic I Voted
@chiropractic I Voted (Photo credit: planetc1)

For many years prior to going into the medical field, I worked under one of the best Chiropractors on the East Coast. I started as his patient but gradually worked myself into becoming an employee.

Dr. John F. Zimmerman Jr., a graduate of Life Chiropractor College, worked in a very nice office in Galloway Township, NJ called Health First Chiropractic. I loved working with and in a field that helped the whole body from the inside out. He taught me the importance of having your spine in the correct alignment. A subluxation, or a disc out of alignment, can lead to: numbness and tingling in your arms or legs, sciatica, headaches, illnesses, imbalances, vertigo, etc. I began as a secretary and later became a Chiropractic Assistant, then finally a Chiropractic Technician once I received my Radiology Certification.  Dr. Zimmerman supported my growth by taking me to several Chiropractic seminars all over the East Coast and later when I relocated, helped me to find employment in my new city. When I left Southern New Jersey, Dr. Zimmerman’s once small practice had grown into a large three office, two Doctor’s of Chiropractic, three Chiropractic Assistants, two Office Manager‘s, a Massage Therapist and two Secretaries.

I’ve worked for many Chiropractors after Dr. Zimmerman and I owe my knowledge of the importance of one seeing a Chiropractor from as early as birth to adult, to Dr. Jay (as he prefers to be addressed). Little did I know that I would be reintroducing myself to holistic medicine for treatment of Sarcoidosis. Wish I would’ve continued with it because maybe now I wouldn’t be suffering so much. Unfortunately, medical insurance didn’t cover chiropractic treatments back then, but they do pay for a few visits now. The medical industry has so much to learn or they probably already know but cannot figure a method of making a profit off of it.

Medical doctors, for years call chiropractors, “quacks, sham artist, or just foolishness”. Orthopedic doctors even tried to add spinal adjustments to their line of treatments. Trust me, it’s not the same. I am providing a coupon with this blog for those in this neck of the woods. Just click on the link below and enjoy! Please use it and everyone, please stay healthy. It’s never to late.

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