The Circulate Series by K.R. Smith

Just finished Small Fry, Part 1 and I am not disappointed. I absolutely love this series and the fact that Lucia’s birthday just happens to be the same as mines, June 3rd, I feel really special. {{{smiles}}}
Looking forward to the continuation of B and Declan’s adventure. Please don’t make us wait to long.

As I have stated in my previous reviews, I am a visual reader so when reading books I tend to get drawn into them like watching a movie. I believe great sci-fi writers have to embrace that ability to grasp their readers attention and keep them at the edge of their seats, per se. That’s just my opinion. ^~^ K.R. Smith is one who I believe gets it.

Cheers to one of my favorite authors,
Marilyn a.k.a RainCloudMom


Books in the Series:

The Circulate Series

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