Clouds we have to step up and vote for our Ji hoonie. ^~^

Cloud USA

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

{*Edited to Add 9/2: As you can see below, their own voting terms says “you are allowed one vote per day per award category.” And yet many of us have only been able to vote one time, EVER. Very misleading of you, WMAs. Get your crap together and get it right, thank you. If it’s one vote EVER, then just say that. ^@@^}


Rain is in the World’s Best Male Artist category at the World Music Awards 2013.

You can vote for him ONCE a day with a valid personal email address. (Voting has been going on for several months already. The dates of the voting period and daily voting results are unknown, as the website isn’t very helpful and does not give much information at all.) As we understand it, the WMAs haven’t taken place since 2010, which…

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