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As some of you recall, in my previous post tracing R2B: Return to Base’s global path back this past March, Splendid Film Benelux (servicing Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg) was showing their release date for the movie on DVD and Blu-ray as 4/25/2013.

Well, after a visit to their site this weekend, I see that not only did they honor that release date, they also used their social media to properly promote R2B to all of their customers. (With the exception of Twitter—Splendid Film Germany has a Twitter, but Benelux does not.) They even had an R2B DVD giveaway.

Now that’s what we’re talking about. Absolutely splendid, Splendid! We’re sorry that we’re just now noticing, or we would have promoted the heck out of you.

Thank you, Splendid Film Benelux, for being there for Rain, his Dutch fans, and all action…

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