Wish it was available for us to see the whole episode…

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Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

OMG, this is going to be the funniest doggone episode. Break a leg, boys! Thumbs up! 🙂 (SNL Korea is a late-night TV comedy/variety show adapted from Saturday Night Live on NBC in the US.)



Allkpop 5/30/2013 — by carolicity

‘SNL Korea’ says MBLAQ’s appearance will be one to anticipate

MBLAQ will be putting their variety show skills on display for the upcoming episode of ‘SNL Korea‘!

Despite being in the middle of getting ready for a comeback, the members still took the time to participate in the upcoming episode’s recording, throwing in their own ideas for hilarious 19+ rated skits!

“Although MBLAQ is busy with their comeback in a year and a half, their passion is running high, having decided to appear on ‘SNL Korea’ first… Even in a recent meeting, the members were very direct as they…

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