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Cloud USA

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

The retiring DEMA Dream Team:

From left to right, Kim JiHoon (discharged), Jung JiHoon/Rain (to be discharged July 2013), Park HyoShin (discharged), Mithra Jin (discharged), KCM (to be discharged August 2013) and Yoo SeungChan (discharged). NOT PICTURED: Yu Geon (discharged), Kim JaeWook (discharged), Lim JuHuan (discharged). (Image Source credit: Kookbang


The incoming DEMA Dream Team:

From right to left, Se7en, Leeteuk, Sangchu, Lee SeokHun, and Kim MuYeol. You’re in the saddle, now. Represent well, boys! 🙂 (Image source credit: DEMAclub.tistory)


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