Ka’miko, this is for you. Besides Rain, Seven is Ka’miko’s crush. Love you Baby Girl. ^.^

Cloud USA

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


With Se7en saying “Jung JiHoon” and “남자” (namja, man) at minute marker :24, and with the way he gestures towards his shoulders around minute marker :39, it stands to reason he is the one who mentioned Rain.

Serve well, Se7en, with your handsome self. We’re all pulling for you! Fighting! 🙂

[English translation by 화니 / Tweaks by Stephe ^@@^]

[MC 이석훈][MC Lee SeokHun ^@@^] : “Who do you think looks better in uniform than anyone else in the military?”

[An invited guest][Private Choi DongWook, a.k.a. Se7en^@@^] : The answer, of course, is Sergeant ‘Jung Ji-Hoon’ (Rain). He is second to none as a man who is tall and broad with humped shoulders. His great figure can be found in some current pictures showing his leaving the country in an airport.

(clip courtesy of 2407se7en @YT)

(Posting some pics…

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