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~Written by Terri :-}, Managing Editor


One of the first things I thought when the news broke that Rain was dating Kim Tae Hee was, ‘Wow, good for you, big fella!”  The next, I was wondering where they met and how they first caught each others’ eyes.  I also wondered how long they had been dating.  If it had been awhile, how had they managed to keep it a secret until now, especially with Rain being in the ROK Army?

However, not in a million years did it ever enter my mind to hate Kim Tae Hee or to think that she was lying about her relationship with Rain, a relationship which, according to the ROK Army Defense Media Agency (DEMA), has been corroborated by Rain himself, whether anyone wants to believe it or not.

Besides, do you honestly think that a top actress in Asia…

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