Cloud USA


From: Thornton, Stephe / Yellow Ribbon For Rain Brigade / Cloud USA
Sent: Friday, January 4, 2013 9:06 PM
To: ALL Yellow Ribbon For Rain Brigade participants, all Clouds, and all Rain Fans, global and domestic
Subject: Immediate Support across the miles for ROK Army Corporal Jung JiHoon

NOTICE: The information contained in this project is of a time-sensitive nature. Swift action is required. Please place high on your priority scale.

EXPLANATION: For many centuries, the yellow ribbon has been a symbol of hope, resolve, and undying support for loved ones, for defenders, and for various causes all across the world. Even today, from Australia to Asia to Europe and all the way to the States, people, organizations, and even governments are steadfast in their use of this recognizable image, as well as the color yellow.

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