Going through physical therapy with Fibromyalgia is excruciating. The therapy is focusing on the recovery of my left knee after the surgical procedure on June 1st. It’s slow but steady with icing right after each session. My therapist, Marilyn is a sweetheart. Very caring and focused on not only reconditioning my knee but also concerned with the swelling in my other extremities. She states my progress us good all things considered.
I wonder if they will come up with another medicine for Fibromyalgia treatment other than Lyrica. It seems as if my Vicodin intake has increased a little more than I wanted it to. My Pulmonologist wants me to enroll in Pain Management but I want to get off meds altogether. Maybe when there is a cure for Sarcoidosis and Fibromyalgia then we can talk about that. I know I seem to be rambling on and on but the pain is really getting in the way of my daily living. Climbing stairs or just cooking a meal for my family all comes with unbearable pain. What I need is a good masseuse. Lol ^.^ Anywho, that’s all for now. Until next time…

Sharing the love of life and music…(Clouds Hwaiting)

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