People do not understand pain. Pain should have a new definition and my picture should be next to it. Not being able to eat or sleep because the pain hurts so much. Being scared to go to the hospital because you don’t want the possibility of being admitted and having no one to care for your young daughter. All of these things are going through my mind and is what I am currently dealing with.

I was on twitter today and a friend of mine gave me an inspirational message that I thought that I’d share. It is what made my gloomy attitude change into a positive one. "A healthy life doesn’t require a life w/o pain. A healthy life requires a balance of positive throughout the pain." Isn’t that a wonderful statement. Julie developed a new movement of reaching not only those suffering with Sarcoidosis, but also everyone who deal with debilitating pain. It is called "being a spoonie". What that means is that we are those who are very sick but don’t look sick, therefore we are not being taking seriously by society in general or even the medical community. We complain about our ailments but some look at it as if we are mental. Well this pain is reality and it is not only affecting me, but it also affects my family emotionally and physically. They have to take on tasks that I usually do. Many people may look at this as being not important, but when your eleven year old daughter feels the need to be the caretaker of her mother, that becomes a problem for me. I have already taken away the childhood of my older daughter, now it is happening again with my youngest.

Please participate in any and every method of creating awareness for Sarcoidosis and help us to find a cure.

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