This pain is ridiculous.  And now to add to everything, I have to find a new pulmonologist because the one I am seeing doesn’t have my best interest at heart. I can go for a PFT and the respiratory therapist will say that my lung capacity test are not great with mild negative changes with my saturation levels with movement. Then the doctor will say, "your fine, you just need to lose weight". How if I am in pain and the fibromyalgia is at its worse also? I am spent! My O2 saturation levels drop from 97% with oxygen to 85% without oxygen with exertion. He is giving me a hard time about switching my oxygen supplier. I want the new ‘Open Air" tanks that recharge without having to refill. This way I can go more places and travel. My insurance approved it at 100% but the doctors office is saying, "oh I think you need to come in for more tests." Being a former RN I know this is just to line their pockets a little more. It’s not about me because they have my current test results.  My husband and son are fuming!  I am at a loss now. I wanted to spend sometime out of the house this summer, but because of the delay that this doctor is causing my plans have been cancelled. I did not want to go out in the August heat because it affects my breathing.

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