One of the ways that i stay relatively calm during my bouts with unbearable pain is to escape into my hobbies.  I have several that help me to relax.  One of these methods is via meditation.  During this time I can concentrate on my breathing and sometimes just pray.  This helps me out alot.  Another method that I use is through my choice of music.  I  absolute love the music that touches your soul.  Some may laugh at my choices, but even if the music is in a different language, if the singer is a good one; and trust me, that is all that I listen to; then they can relay their feelings or the emotions that they are expressing in that song.  Of course my favorite artists is comprised of my immediate family members, but it also branches out to Korean artists that I have taking an extreme fancy to.  Although my husband is of Asian desent, that doesn’t factor into my choices. Finally, at the top of the list is my love for both Korean and Japanese movies and dramas.  I am learning the language by watching them and also corresponding with friends that I have met in another internet chat site.  I hope to one day, God willing, travel to both South Korea and Japan to meet some of these actors and performers.  They are what is keeping me going everyday.  That means a lot to my family to be able to see me smile and laugh through the pain.  Many know that I blog about my everyday bouts with all of my symptoms, but I wanted to share with you some of the things that help me escape.
Take care and until next time,

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