I’m sitting here thinking about what I will be doing tomorrow night at this time.  The reason that I am looking for ward to this election is that there is finally a candidate that cares for someone like me.  A person who has to rely on Medicare for insurance and perscriptions because other insurance company’s will not have me due to my "pre-existing condition".  One who is in debt up to her ears because living on a fixed income, having to seek treatment from eight different doctors, endure a multitude of out patient testing and having three surgeries just this year due to my sarc.  I am waiting on pins and needles hoping that God will hear my prayers and the prayers of others like me.  The funny thing is that a politician came to my home on last Friday when I was feeling at my worst.  When I brought up the subject of health care reform, he became very uncomfortable.  I offered him a seat and he refused.  He gave me the same, if not exact words of the McCain/Palin campaign.  It was then that I knew he would not be getting my vote.  Not because he is a Republican, but that he did not provide me with the answers that I needed nor did he accept my warm hospitality.  It really doesn’t matter to me what party a representative is from for me.  I believe, like Obama, that we should erase those party divisions and become one United States of America.  Being seperate and not equal did not work in the past and it shouldn’t work today.  All and all I would just like to remind everyone to vote tomorrow and vote with your heart.  Remember that our children depend on us providing them with a brighter tomorrow.

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