iAlthough I try to not complain about it, it seems as though I can not deny it.  I wouldn’t wish this on my worse enemy.  This pain is limiting me from living my life to the fullest.  This past Saturday, against my family’s plea’s, I went to parent’s day at my oldest daughter’s college.  It was followed up by a football game in which I had the opportunity to see my daughter perform with the band.  A representative of the college promised that my needs would be met as a handicap parent.  Unfortunately this was not the case.  Not only did the day entail a lot of walking to get from one venue to the next, but at the game, people sat anywhere they pleased and according to assigned seating.  No one was willing enough to allow me to sit in a seat on the ground level.  Everyone looked the opposite direction when I came near.  I ended up, at first, sitting with my youngest daughter (age 9) on the concrete steps until the band director escorted me down to where they were positioned in the stands.  He made room for me on the front row and basically took care of me and my family.  He made sure that the elevator was provided for me to leave the stadium and also that my son be allowed to pick me up at the back gate right next to the elevator.  You would think that they would allowed us to park there in the first place.  This was not so.  In total I counted maybe three wheel chaired bound people and myself on oxygen support with a cane.  So therefore I figured that there should have been a place set aside for us. ?????
Anywho, prior to the game I was unable to get around at all due to the stiffening of my joints and muscles.  I figured that if I did not go and see my daughter at that time, that I might have not had the opportunity to go again.  I am just being realistic.  Well since that outing, I am again suffering with pain and lack of energy.  I tend to sleep a lot during the day and turn in early at night.
I am so looking forward to Obama becoming president so that I can be able to go back to being treated by my doctors.  My co-pay and medical bills are keeping from going now because I have little to no funding to pay for them.  I do not qualify for my husbands medical coverage due to my preexisting condition.  This sucks!!! 

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