Today I am a little more upset with the media.  We have to wonder why Sarcoidosis is still not a hot topic.  I remember the death of Anna Nicole and Heath Ledger.  Both of their deaths were continually discussed for more than a month after their death.  The causes and reflection of their lives stayed in the forefront of many reports.  Well here we are again with the death of another great comedian and it is being dismissed as being something that it was not.  Sarcoidosis is truly a debilitating and catastrophic  disease.  The pain is tremendous.  Just to try to do daily chores or get out of bed leaves me feeling drained.  Right now I am emotionally drained at  reading the many many blogs about the disappointing coverage and misleading information.  Many are glad that more and more people are researching this disease and more awareness is being made, but there is always room for mass media representation.  There are reports that Oprah and Dr. Oz were being contacted.  Will let you know when that is achieved.  I, myself have contacted Ukee Washington and will contact Fox News also.
Stay tuned


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