Medical Bills

Every day I am faced with whether or not to go to a scheduled doctors visit or receiving the necessary testing used to treat this dis-ease.  My biggest fear is losing my fight because I cannot afford the bills that medicare doesn’t cover.  I am talking about the 20%.  I have recently received the bills for co-pays and such that is left and I truly cannot afford to pay them.  I do not qualify for any other assistance because my husband makes "too much money", yet we are barely living paycheck to paycheck.   I can’t be added to his insurance because of my "pre-existing condition".  Right now I am looking at a cupboard that is bare with me making "potluck" meals for my husband and three children.  What am I to do?  If there is anyone out there that has an answer, please help me.  I really am at my wits end.  Being as though one of the things that this disease feeds off of stress, this situation is not helping me at all.

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