Well, I thought that after the eye surgery everything would be alright.  Wrong, I was sent next to the otolaryngologist who informed me that I would be having yet another sinus surgery as soon as possible.  Because of the CAT Scan, it was noticed that my sinus sarcoid had flared up and caused me to, believe it or not, develop a double ear infection which resulted in the loss of hearing on the left side.  Because of this, I will be going back into surgery on May 19th.  Also, I was asked by a member in my sarcbuddies group about the lab finding from my eye surgery.  It was found to be sarcoid granulomas in both eyelids and also below my right eyelid.  The doctor stated that it was a definite possibility that it would return.  Well, my upper eyelids remain fine, but the lower right eyelid is again inflammed and swollen .  It has only been one month.  That just goes to show you how this disease works. 
There are new pics of me before and after the surgery in my pics section.  Also, please feel free to comment on these blogs. 
For more information about this disease please visit www.sarcinfo.com.  You are also welcome to visit our sarcbuddies group on msn. 
Take care and be healthy.

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