Well, after yet another trip to yet another opthamologist, the verdict is in… I have to have surgery!  The procedure is called a "Bilateral Orbitotomy and Excision of Right Lower Eyelid".  The doctor stated that the granulomas have invaded my lacrimal glands and he will do his best to make me look like my old self.  I appreciate going to a physician who has knowledge of this dis-ease.  It makes me feel more at ease.   First, of course, I have to undergo a complete set of preliminary tests.  The doctor told me that I was definitely going to have to stay overnight because of my 24hr. Oxygen use and the use of anesthesia.
I will keep you informed.

2 thoughts on “Sarcoidosis Granulomas of the Orbits

  1. I will probably say this in person anyway.  But if I somehow do not, I just wanna say that U R probably the bravest & strongest person I know.  U\’ll B fine, because U\’ll make Urself B fine.  I\’m alwayz here.  Love U mom.


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