Trying to obtain an appointment with one of the top Sarcoidosis specialist here on the East Coast is a task.  My pulmonologist referred me to a doctor who has a great reputation with treating problematic patients like myself.  When I first called several months ago I was told that his first available wouldn’t be until June 2008.  Knowing that my doctor wanted me to be seen a.s.a.p., I let the scheduler know that I would be calling back in a couple of days after confirming if this was okay with my doctor.  My doctor stated that he would call to see if he could get me in sooner.  Well it has been some time now and I called to see if an appointment was made.  The scheduler told me that this particular doctor was not taking anymore new patients.  What am I to do now?  This has been the story of my life for the past 7 years.  Doctor’s that I need to see are not in this area and or not receiving new patients. 

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