I have been seeing a new doctor whose methodology is to heal myself from within using his techniques.  About now I am up for anything to reduce the ongoing pain of this disease and also the taking of the many perscription drugs.  I have never been one for taking medicines.  Coming from a holistic approach to life from the beginning up until this diagnosis, I hated the thought that in order to live, I had to rely on medications.  So back to this doctor. he uses a pressure point technique in a relaxed environment.  Sometimes he implements spinal manipulations and or acupuncture to aid in the release of stress to the muscles and nerves of the body.  My initial visit with him was one of finally, someone who approaches health like me.  After the first therapeutic treatment and list of supplements i.e. fish oil capsules and others, I felt a sense of cooling thoughout my body.  Whether this was my mind tricking me or not, I felt like the treatment worked.  He stated that I would likely become very sleepy afterwards and that did happen. 
My next visit with him did not achieve the same results.  I didn’t feel like he helped me in any way.  It felt as if the treatment was rushed and also that he only concentrated on one side of my body whereas initial treatment approached my entire body equally.  Maybe I am hoping to find some kind of relief from anything other than what I have been dealing with for almost 8 years.  To say that I am tired of the repetitious treatments from my regular doctors which all result in my increasing my prednisone intake and or methotrexate is just that, I am tired.  There has to be an answer.  I want to get back to my regular self.  Not being able to work out regularly without pain is causing more harm to my body.  The weight gain alone is very hard on my body.
Any thoughts?

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